Investment in EnviroCopper Ltd – ISR Copper

Alligator Energy and EnviroCopper Ltd – ISR Copper

Alligator Energy and EnviroCopper Ltd (ECL) have entered into a Shareholder’s Agreement providing Alligator with an exclusive option to sole fund ECL’s activities and increase its equity  ownership in ECL to 50.1% over the next ~ 4 years.   ASX Announcement: Alligator Invests into South Australian ISR Copper – 18th December 2023.

Alligator has been evaluating options for potential energy minerals opportunities both within its existing portfolio (exploration) and externally, as a potential second future business stream along with its significant uranium portfolio. The investment into EnviroCopper Ltd supports this, along with significant synergies to our existing in-house InSitu Recovery (ISR) uranium expertise. It provides the opportunity for AGE to be invested in and involved in future copper demand for the green energy transition through the significant oxide copper resources in these projects, and with wider potential within South Australia and Australia.


🔶 Alligator expanded energy minerals interests with $0.9M (7.8%) strategic investment in private group, Envirocopper (ECL), with option up to 50.1%.

🔶 This investment and resultant collaboration is extremely complimentary to our existing and substantial in-house ISR expertise.

🔶 Provides exposure to In-Situ Recovery (‘ISR’) copper project portfolio (over 200kt Cu resource) and experienced ISR and research team.

🔶 Advancing ISR trials at Kapunda copper project – similar plans for Alford West copper project. BHP funding field trials at Kapunda for IP access.


🔶 ISR successfully used to extract copper in projects in Australia and the US – offers distinct advantages and environmental benefits.

🔶 ECL has undertaken significant exploration, R&D and approvals for test work into ISR of shallow fractured rock aquifer hosted oxide copper deposits.

🔶 A technical committee has been formed to work collaboratively on advancing ISR techniques.

About EnviroCopper  

ECL was established in 2017 and is a copper ISR specialist focused on its Kapunda and Alford West ISR projects in South Australia (refer Figure 1).

Figure 1: Location of EnviroCopper Ltd’s Kapunda and Alford West ISR copper projects

ECL’s specialist team has over 90 years of combined experience and is leading the way in copper ISR technology development. Through collaboration with leading universities and research institutions a 3 year Commonwealth Government grant in 2018, ECL is achieving successful outcomes in ISR mining study economics, environmental mitigation and community acceptance of this extension to existing ISR technology.

Figure 2:   Alligator Energy team reviewing the successful push-pull in-situ copper recovery trial at Kapunda Copper ISR project

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